ArsBlue strives to provide high quality design, development and implementation of modern payment solutions based on payment cards, mobile and Internet technologies. The solutions that allows our banks to provide competitive services to their cardholders.

ArsBlue certifies its software products with the latest PCI DSS standards and provides solutions certified by VISA and MasterCard.

All our software solutions are based on industry leading software infrastructure and we provide robust and flexible solutions for any size of card management systems, ATM and eft-pos networks.



In software development since 1995 ArsBlue software team has grown into the regional leader in providing complete solutions for secure electronic payments. ArsBlue' solutions can help reduce costs, maximize profitability, improve client relation management, and eliminate fraud. Financial institution, payment processor, retailer, service provider, mobile operator, or any type of business that receives payments can benefit from ArsBlue' solutions.

ArsBlue software products process over dozen million payment transactions each month. More than 5 million cards (credit, debit, pre-paid, magnetic, stripe and chip) have been produced by ArsBlue software. Financial transactions have been made possible with ArsBlue software on over 30,000 devices on three continents. More than 40 clients in Switzerland, Africa, and the Western Balkan Region rely on our software and services. ArsBlue employs over 50 software experts in its branches: Serbia, Bosnia and Nigeria. ArsBlue has numerous satisfied clients and lucrative partners, such as IBM (www.IBM.com), ISYS (www.isys.ch), Ingenico (www.Ingenico.com), 3Line Card Management (www.3Lineng.com), Robert-Johnson Nigeria (www.RobertJohnsonHoldings.com), Exatec ATM France (www.exatec-atm.com), etc.

From spring 2009 the software production has situated in the new formed ArsBlue. The company is fully dedicated to high quality software production.


Card Issuing

Card Issuing

Integrated credit, debit prepaid

Payment card acquiring

Payment card acquiring

Universal channel managament

Mobile and Internet

Mobile & Internet

3d secure, universal

Retail consumer cards

Retail consumer cards

VAS (Value added service loyalty)

Having full flexibility, due to its own software products and alliances, ArsBlue is empowered to be an architect of the modern payment solutions. We design and build innovative payment systems with ease.