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In high-tech arena, players compete not by locking in a product on their own, but by building webs—alliances of companies. ArsBlue makes careful choice of partners to build upon. Starting with innovative products in payment industry that complement traditional payment solutions, ArsBlue has earned its partnership with the world leaders like HPE and Ingenico, as well as with global players in banking and electronic payments: TAS Group, ComForte, Exatec, BestVision and Robert Johnson.


TAS S.p.A.

Via Cristoforo Colombo 149
00147 Rome - Italy

TAS Group specializes in implementing software solutions for electronic money, payment systems, capital markets and Extended Enterprise. It has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since May 2000.

Noted global solution provider for card management, payment networks access and order management, TAS also operates as a key partner in international market, acting through its subsidiaries: TAS France, TAS Helvetia, TAS Iberia, TAS Germany, TAS USA and TAS Americas.

TAS Group serves major commercial & central banks and the main Financial Services centers in Italy and Europe, as well as the main broker dealers of the Global Fortune 500.

ArsBlue and TAS Group have developed close and long-lasting cooperation in several fields, providing innovative payment solutions and perfect base for digital transformation acros the globe.

In December 2018 ArsBlue became part of TAS Group.


comForte 21 GmbH

Steubenstraße 5
65189 Wiesbaden

comForte is a leading provider of solutions for HPE NonStop servers.


Exatec ATM

693 Avenue de Saint Roman
06500 Menton

Exatec ATM offers a multi-vendor software solution, multi-OS, multi-protocols with license transferable for life.


Robert Johnson Technologies Ltd


Robert Johnson is an E-Banking Technology Company in Nigeria.


Best Vision Ltd

10, Quai du Seujet
1201 Genève

Through joint venture Arius Suisse, ArsBlue software products complements Best Vision Ltd. core banking solutions.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

3000 Hanover St.
Palo Alto, California
United States

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) offers worldwide IT, technology & enterprise products, solutions and services.