Latest Technology

ArsBlue has unique efficiency in development, implementation and maintenance because it is one of very few software companies that developed ALL solution components with the latest user-friendly technology.

Complete and integrated solution

ArsBlue can provide you with the IBM infrastructure software, IBM equipment and the software both for the front-office and for the back office. In addition to software and equipment, we are always making new and innovative software development.

Scalable state of the art solutions

We use Java platform on ALL levels, and consequently have the unique advantage that allows less men/month to maintain the system. Our products are fully scalable which gives you the opportunity to choose the platform.

Prominent partnerships

The partnership programs help us provide innovative payment solutions to our customers. Through Bassilichi Group we are partners with some of the most influential organizations in the IT and e-payment industries, which helps us, deliver complete and integrated solutions.

Things we do for you

If you are a financial institution, payment processor, retailer, wholesaler, service provider or mobile phone operators, or if you have any type of business that receives payments we can help you reduce costs, maximize profitability, improve client relation management, and eliminate fraud.